2007 in Review No. 5: Telly 2.0 arrived

2007 In Review

joost-2007.jpgPart of our series of festive posts looking back at the key happenings in 2007…

One of the more exciting developments in 2007 for webheads was the emergence of a clutch of ‘Telly 2.0’ startups (I’m persisting with that moniker until it catches on) like Joost, Babelgum and VeohTV. Each offered an array of exclusive channels, mixing music, entertainment and weirdness.

It did feel like early days though, with proprietary applications, a lot of channels that frankly were a bit pish, and the sense that at some point, the big broadcasters would make their own entry into the market. Which, of course, they have with the likes of BBC iPlayer (in the UK) and Hulu (in the US) joining the online TV club.

2007 was the year that established you could get streaming TV channels to your PC (and sometimes your Mac) in a watchable form. I reckon 2008 will be the year these services start figuring out how to then stream across to your actual telly…

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Stuart Dredge
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