Eee PC's TOP SECRET bonus ability – gaming


Eee PC can bravely run Half-Life 2 (at 10fps, mind) with even World of Warcraft now added to the growing list of PC games hardcore Eee fans have managed to get working on the pocket laptop.

For the benefit of those who don’t believe words and only trust YouTube evidence, here’s a video of someone playing GTA Vice City on the Eee PC. It looks pretty much perfect and every bit as playable as on a ‘proper’ computer:

And it’s not just the power-friendly PC games Eee PC is running either – owners have got PlayStation emulators working, meaning the timeless joys of stuff like Final Fantasy VII and the billions of other old PS games are now available for Eee PC fun.

Eee PC keeps getting better. By the day.

(Via Eee User Forums)

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