DRM on Sacred 2: Fallen Angel encourages sharing


Now this is what I like to see. DRM that rewards customers who’ve bought games, not punishes them. The DRM system on a new PC game – Sacred 2: Fallen Angel – allows any purchaser of a full physical or digital copy the right to pass the game around as many people as they like. The recipients will get 24 hours worth of full gameplay before they have the option to either uninstall or buy the game.

It’s fantastic because it lets people who’ve paid for the game share their love of it, but still helps people buy it. Users who upgrade from a shared copy won’t need to do any more installing, just put in an activation code. A round of applause for publishers ASCARON, please.

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

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Asus is aiming to sell a staggering 3.8 million Eee PCs next year – some with Windows on

eee_pc-windows.jpgAlthough the fact that it’s currently sold out everywhere in the whole world doesn’t give us a huge amount of faith that the Asus manufacturing facilities can churn out that many of the uber-portable laptops.

The big new selling point that’ll push the Eee PC to the ‘next level’ is Windows. Currently the Eee PC ships with a very cool version of Linux that’s lovely and…