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playyoo-site-launch.jpgPlayyoo is a new game creating and sharing site (or community, they hope, one day), where you can play mobile games for free – and game makers can upload their stuff for the world to see.

What’s in it for the developers is MONEY – all of the home made games uploaded to the site are entered into a prize draw, with $10,000 going to the best game.

You’re even able to download a simple Developer Kit should you decide knocking out Tetris clones is a bit on the easy side and you want in on the action, plus there’s a live streaming demo option on the site if you fancy trying any games out before making the hefty time/learning commitment of working out how to get it on your phone.

There’s not a huge amount of material up on the site at the moment – because it’s just launched. Expect more games to appear once Playyoo comes out of its fashionable ‘beta’ stage.

(Via Playyoo)

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