Bowbie spotlights the best web games (i.e. say goodbye to your job)


bowbie.jpgReally, you may as well tell your boss to chuck you out now, with the minimum of fuss. Why? Well, online Flash games are a notoriously addictive way to fritter away your working hours, yet the thing that stops most of us from being sacked is that there’s too many of them to choose from. It’s hard to find the good ones, so we end up getting some work done after all.

Bowbie is a new website aiming to change all that. It rounds up Flash games from around the internetweb, then ranks them using a “top secret algorithm” to present only the best ones. All killer, and no filler, you might say. If you were fond of spouting cliches.

The site’s in alpha, so it’s early days, but it’s already got plenty of games listed (I’m currently trying to decide between Bible Fight, Breakfast Brawl and Corporate Hangman as my next fix). Check it out for yourself via the link below – but maybe get that spreadsheet finished first, eh?

Bowbie website

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