LogiCity: the edugame that's a greener spin on Sim City

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The planet is going to the dogs, and judging by the apocalyptic predictions on Look East last week, Norfolk will be the first to be submerged when the floods come. If it helps Norwich City stay clear of relegation, I’m all for it. But climate change isn’t an excuse for silly football jokes, kids. It’s a serious business.

A new educational game aims to get that message across to young people. It’s called LogiCity, and is a joint effort from The National Energy Foundation, Logicom and British Gas, with extra funding from the UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

It puts you in charge of a fictional city called LogiCity, taking decisions about energy, transport and other issues, and then seeing whether they save the city from the effects of climate change 60 years in the future. “This will bring home to individuals the reality of the changes they face in their lifetime,” says the official website. Watch the video demo above to see how it’ll work.

LogiCity website (via New Scientist)

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