Sky boxes tackle climate change

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Sky has announced it is joining the ‘We’re in this Together’ campaign, offering products and services that make it easier to reduce CO2 emissions.

The first step is to offer smart technology that automatically switches inactive Sky HD and Sky+ boxes into standby overnight – that means less energy usage and smaller energy bills. Alternatively, you could just remember to turn things off yourself at night – not just your Sky box.

Sky believes this move could cut carbon emissions by 32,000 tonnes a year – equivalent to saving enough energy to light all the homes in Aberdeen or Nottingham for a year.

Other companies backing ‘We’re in this Together’ are B&Q, Barclaycard, British Gas, HSBC, Marks & Spencer, O2, Royal & SunAlliance and Tesco.

Find out more about the campaign

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One thought on “Sky boxes tackle climate change

  • Hey, Didn’t sky bring in the wonderfull “Im never actualy off, even in standby mode” Digibox?

    Aren’t they the ones that made a receiver that just blanked TV output and changed the LED colour to pretend to be off?

    So putting your SkyHD or whatever digibox into standby mode makes almost no difference anyway!

    UNPLUG it or turn off at the mains. If you dont beleive me get a power meter (£25 at maplin) and measure the power in ON and standby modes.

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