The Bluetooth skateboard that's controlled by your mobile phone

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bluetooth-skateboard.jpgBluetooth is a pretty useful technology, right? It lets you talk hands-free (and wires-free, for that matter), as well as being pretty good for transferring data and sending silly alerts to random strangers on the train. If you do that sort of thing, obviously.

But don’t worry: Bluetooth can be useless too. Check the GroundSurf for a prime example. it’s a motorised skateboard with built-in Bluetooth, so you can control its acceleration and braking from your phone. That’s right: you zoom down the street fiddling with your handset to make sure you don’t fly off the kerb into oncoming traffic.

One question: why? If you can answer that and are dribbling at the prospect, the GroundSurf is due to go on sale next year.

GroundSurf website (via Mobile Choice)

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