The world's fastest lift!


I grew up in the country. Lifts were rare and therefore very exciting. Even getting to go on an escalator was something of a white-knuckle thrill ride into the possible future, coming around only once a year when going Christmas shopping in a town big enough to have two branches of WH Smith. Once you’ve felt it, the excitement of effortless upward motion never goes away.

This, the world’s fastest lift, is located within the massive Taipei 101 tower. It can take passengers to the 89th floor in 37 seconds, at a speed of nearly 38mph. This is the ultimate in LIFT PORN:

The best thing about staying in hotels is the lift. The best thing about visiting large department stores is the lift. Lifts are brilliant, plus to most people they’re not that exciting so you’re usually allowed to go in them for free.

(Via TechEblog)

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We have never done anything about lifts, or even Taiwan. The closest there is is this thing about China unblocking Wikipedia. It’s at least from the same half of the world.

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