New world record: Tallest LEGO tower


You know how much we love LEGO here at Tech Digest, so when we heard about a new world record involving the lovely plasticky bobbly blocks, we had to let you know.

Built in Toronto, and overseen by “official LEGO builders from Denmark”, the tower stands 29.3 metres tall and uses 465,000 bricks, and required a crane to finish the job. It took nearly a month to complete…

The world's fastest lift!

I grew up in the country. Lifts were rare and therefore very exciting. Even getting to go on an escalator was something of a white-knuckle thrill ride into the possible future, coming around about once a year when going Christmas shopping in a town big enough to have two branches of WH Smith. Once you've felt it, the excitement of effortless upward motion never goes away.

This, the world's fastest lift, is located within the massive Taipei 101 tower. It can take passengers to the 89th floor in 37 seconds, at a speed of nearly 38mph. This is the ultimate in LIFT PORN: