Skateboards? Schmateboards. The Magic Wheel is where it's at


magic-wheel.pngIf Tony Hawk had been born in Victorian times, he’d have shunned the Penny Farthing in favour of a Magic Wheel. If, er, the Magic Wheel had also been invented in Victorian times (which it wasn’t). It’s basically a big wheel with a board attached: you put the wheel between your legs, put one foot on the board, and shove yourself along with the other foot.

There’s no brake, of course – you have to leap off when you want to come to a halt, or rely on a lamp-post to do the job for you more painfully. Apparently the Magic Wheel is big in Sweden, or so BoysStuff says, which is selling it here in the UK for £119.

They reckon you’ll be zinging around like a pro with a couple of hours’ practice on the thing, and quickly mastering advanced techniques like weaving, changing direction, and causing damage to an entire street’s worth of parked cars by riding across the roofs (legal note: BoysStuff didn’t suggest that last one). Marvellous.

Magic Wheel product page

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