Is it a bike or a skateboard? The Bike Board is both!


bikeboard.jpgImagine if skateboard legend Tony Hawk and BMX maestro Dave Mirra had a child. Yes, I know it’s unlikely (not to mention impossible without adoption – and the hardcore Catholics are trying to put a stop to that…)

But anyway, if they did have a child, it’d be the gnarliest kid ever seen, as handy grinding along a railing as somersaulting down a hillside. And in a sense, the Bike Board is the personal-transport equivalent of just such a union. A very loose sense.

See, the Bike Board is half bike and half board. As you can see, the front half has a wheel and handlebars, while the back half is a skateboard. It has pegs on the front wheel to let you pop BMX tricks, too. At £89 from Atomic Sports, all The Kids will have one soon. Honest.

Atomic Sports

Stuart Dredge
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