Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a dick on some skates.


There’s been a number of attempts to invent new ways to commute over the years. There was the famously laughable Sinclair C5, the famously laughable Segway, and now designers have come up with some wheels that you put your feet in – dubbed the “CenterSkates”.

They seem to be basically a hybrid of skateboards and roller skates, in that they combine the convenience of having two separate components that you can relatively easily store in a bag and the frustration of having to ride them like a skateboard…

YouTube Video of the Day – Skateboarding bails

I like to see people fall over. Skateboarding video… or more importantly bail videos… give me the chance to watch people hurt themselves over and over again. It’s great! Watch the video below to see people busting heads and breaking bones. If you want bloodshed and people getting knocked out to the sound of the most hilarious metal tune you’ve ever heard, skip to around 7 mins in. God bless YouTube!