Bongo Pong: play Pong using a skateboard. Just attempt an ollie with this, dude!

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bongopongo.jpg Bored of playing Pong with your boobs? Get off this site, sheesh! If, however, you’re after a more safe-for-work format of playing the retro game (for when the in-laws check in), then check out what this chap who goes by the name of Imagitronics, has created.

Called Bongo Pong, you balance on a skateboard deck with a PVC pipe underneath, and simply roll right and left to control the on-screen pong paddle. Claiming it only cost him $20, I can’t see why others can’t copy him and rig up something similar at home. So, we’ve seen boobs and now skateboards controlling Pong – what’s next, a dodgem cart? Puppy on a leash? A wrecking ball nicked from your nearest industrial zone?

Bongo Pong (via Hacked Gadgets)

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