Zappit virtual ping-pong reaction game


zappit.jpgHere’s a neat little portable game designed for two players. Zappit is a virtual game of ping-pong played between two people on a ‘cool looking hand held device’.

Player 1 serves. A red light darts across the LEDs towards the opponent who must return it by zapping their button at the exact second it reaches them.

There are five increasing levels of speed. If a player taps too early or late and misses the red light, their opponent wins a point. First to 5 is the winner.

I guess you could play it as a solitaire as well and see which of your thumbs reacts the quickest.

It costs just £9.99. Maybe not quite Boppit but a fun little gizmo all the same.

Product page (via Coolest Gadgets)

Andy Merrett
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