Forget iPod woes: now Zune screens crack too, when overcharged

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zunecollection.jpgSome Apple fans are having a field day right now, as reports surface of the Zune’s screen cracking due to it being left on charge overnight.

Engadget reports that “Our tipster’s friend conjectures that the lithium ion battery — which resides right behind the top half of the Zune’s screen — is expanding from overheating and putting too much pressure on the screen, causing it to crack.”

Apparently, Microsoft have received ‘numerous reports’ of this, though it’s hard to corroborate the story.

Naturally some Mac sites are having lots of fun with this, particularly after the huge media frenzy over iPod nano screens cracking.

Nothing official from Microsoft yet. If these incidents have indeed happened, then it’s a shame that the Zune appears not to have some sort of charging cut off when a battery has been fully charged. It does sound like a design flaw. We’ll see.

Andy Merrett
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One thought on “Forget iPod woes: now Zune screens crack too, when overcharged

  • My son’s zune screen cracked on May 22, 2007. We took it back to Circuit City. The store manager accused us of breaking the screen. They refuse to take it back. Microsoft customer support refuses to do anything also. They just directed us to call Zune Support. The customer support person I spoke with at Zune on May 24, J.D., told me that they sell millions of these and if only a couple hundred break, they are doing well because they don’t cover cracked screens. A cracked screen will void your one year warranty with them. No one is even interested in taking this thing to evaluate the problem (because they already know they have a problem and what it is). Please tell everyone you know not to buy this product unless Microsoft, Zune and local retailers will accept responsibility for the products they make/sell and service this defective product.

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