Virgin Media rebrands PVR the VPlus

Personal video players, Satellite TV

virginmedia.jpgVirgin Media, the forthcoming amalgam of ntl:Telewest and Virgin Mobile, has rebranded some of its acquired TV products to give them a more Virgin feel.

Telewest’s formed TV Drive PVR is being branded the VPlus, possibly a snub on the Sky Plus service, whilst the standard set top box will be called the V Box.

Virgin say that their PVR is a superior service to Sky Plus, as it allows viewers to record two shows whilst watching a third, rather than just one.

Interestingly, BT’s IPTV offering is called the BT Vision V Box.

Though Sky haven’t commented on Virgin’s renaming scheme, Marketing Week reports that executives are ‘amused at the cable company’s “nerve”‘.

Andy Merrett
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  • I might be wrong but the Telewest PVR can record HD content, I don’t think Sky have anything close yet.

  • Wait, My Sky+ can do that … it has two tuners and I can watch a recording at the same time, 2 recordings+1 playback … dumb Richard Branson.

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