Surprise, surprise: GTA IV breaks UK All Format sales record for week one


A recipe for you: Take one of the most successful game franchises of all time, give its developers the budget of small South American country, apply enough hype to sink a blue whale, allow to simmer gently for 6 months until public desire reaches a raging fervour, and serve. There you have your very own Best Selling Game Ever™.

Yes, it is with very little shock at all that GTA IV has wreaked havoc on the UK All Formats games charts, cruelly destroying some hippie yoga nonsense Wii Fit board by a factor of 9 to 1, shifting over a million copies and raking in over 40m in its first week. In fact some 926,000 copies were gone in the first five days.

Grand Theft Auto IV launches across the globe, draws few crowds in its home town


At midnight last night, game stores across the country opened for launch of Grand Theft Auto IV. You may not have heard of it – it’s an understated affair from a little known developer. It certainly isn’t the kind of game where every single newly unearthed feature is granyted its own headline. And Rockstar definitely doesn’t like carefully building hype for its games to a deafening crescendo right before launch. Oh no…

GTA IV launch to pull in $400m, kill Iron Man


With gaming no longer the bedroom pursuit of adolescent boys who should really get out more, the movie industry is starting to get a little nervous about what it’s doing to the box offices. Variety magazine has now put a figure on what is gearing up to be the biggest game launch in the history of gaming: $400 million. And the fear is that this is one $400m that won’t be going into the pockets of Hollywood execs like it’s supposed to…