Google turns to eBook sales but no device in sight


Google is set to free eBooks from proprietary handhelds by selling digital works readable on any device that can access the web.

The move is in direct competition Amazon and their Kindle who’ve upset publishers by selling digital first editions at less than half the price of hardback hard copy versions. Instead, Google will charge the same as in print while reserving the right to alter prices where deemed “exorbitant”.

Google already sells eBooks through the Sony Store for the Reader but this will take their literature retail in-house and bring novels to mobile phones and laptops everywhere.

Personally, I rather like the idea of having a dedicated eBook reading device and I’m not sure I’m going to get a good experience on my mobile. I also don’t feel too good about paying the same for a digital book as I do for a hardback, especially when Amazon is knocking them out so cheap.

On the plus side, it does indicate there’s a lot tablets out their about to hit the market. I’m sure Google would have an inkling of such things and that the likes of Qulacomm and whoever else will be most pleased by the news. Fingers crossed there’ll be no international issues, or am I just dreaming here?

(via NYT)

BeBook reader updated with touchscreen and Wi-Fi


So, here am I just about to nip off for a Friday night beer to celebrate/mourn the Shiny exit of the fantastic Susi Weaser and a certain mail drops into my box about the next incarnation of the superb BeBook reader to be unveiled in Germany at CeBIT very shortly indeed.

No pictures as yet but there are two things BeBook is adding which should keep its nose out ahead of the competition. First is Wi-Fi…

BeBook eBook rEader- now available in the UK


A new eBook reader has entered the UK market – the BeBook. Despite not being affiliated with the social networking site of the same name, it seems decent enough. There’s 512MB of flash memory (which should hold 1000 books or so) along with an SD card slot, a 6″ e-ink display, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a battery life of ‘7,000 page turns’.

The device will display pdf, mobi, lit, epub, html, doc, fb2, txt, ppt, prc, rtf, jpg, and mp3 files. It probably doesn’t need saying, but playing MP3s will eat up your battery life a lot quicker than just reading books and looking at documents.

If you want one, then they’re available direct from the distributor, Widget, for £230. Your BeBook will come with 150 eBooks pre-installed, and you can buy or download more from various places across the net.

BeBook (via SW)

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