Google to start archiving 30 glorious years of Page 3 stunnas, with its Newspaper Search

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google-newspaper-search.jpgGoogle will soon start the mammoth task of scanning in decades worth of old newspapers, allowing us to finally search information and news from before the internet period. Everything that happened in the 1980s will start to exist again.

In a similar fashion to Google’s impressive but under-the-radar Book Search, the newspaper service will let us browse through old papers, bringing entire pages up as zoomable, Google Maps-style images. The Times already does something similar, but Google’s planning to include more than 100 newspapers from around the world when it goes public.

And what’s in it for Rupert Murdoch and the rest of the old media dinosaurs? The search result pages will have Google’s all-covering Adsense adverts plastered all over them, letting the paper publishers share the ad revenue generated by the clicks. Everyone is a winner, particularly students of modern history.

(Via BBC)

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