WAR ROOM UPDATE: Google Chrome has seized 3.5% of our readers in its first week

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google-chrome-user-stats-fixes.jpgWe have no idea what Google was aiming for when it launched its homage to Opera and Firefox last week, but Chrome seems to be doing OK for itself.

Among you lot, the Tech Digest-reading gadget illuminati of Europe, Chrome has amassed a 3.5% following – quickly catching the 4.4% of you currently operating under Safari regulations.

Getting 3.5% of the market after less than a week seems pretty good going, especially as launch hype has already faded – so presumably those using Chrome now are permanent switchers that are staying for good, rather than curious geeks checking it out. Google has also quietly released an updated build of Chrome – it’s only a beta, remember – that patches up “confirmed security vulnerabilities.” That 3.5% of you are probably auto-downloading it in the background right now…

Meanwhile, on the Eastern Front, the communist forces of the People’s Browser has announced an updated alpha version of Firefox 3.1 – which will hopefully fix the numerous crashing issues people have been having with the apparently rather poor recent 3.0 FF update that 25% of you are using (an additional five percent of TD readers have stuck with/gone back to Firefox 2).

And finally, the masses of subscripted troops fighting under the Internet Explorer banner (55% of Tech Digest readers are on IEs 6 & 7) are rejoicing at news that Microsoft is letting its IE8 developers talk to people on the internet, live, this Thursday, about the recently released IE8 Beta 2, to the delight of developers and people who enjoy comparing browser specifications as a hobby.

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