Sony Reader PRS-T2 eReader boasts Evernote cloud-syncing and touchscreen controls

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sony-reader-prs-t2.jpgSony may not have had much luck denting the Amazon Kindle’s stranglehold on the eReader market in the UK, but the company’s latest reader has a few tricks up its sleeve to make it worthy of the attention of anyone currently on the market for an eBook reader.

The Sony Reader PRS-T2 is the follow up from last year’s PRS-T1, and brings with it a number of improvements over its predecessor. A touchscreen E-Ink Pearl reader, it’s headline feature is Evernote integration. The PRS-T2 uses the cloud-based note taking service to let you sync highlighted passages from books across any over device on which you may use Evernote, be that your computer, smartphone or tablet, meaning you can access your research notes or favourite quotes anytime the PRS-T2 is within reach of a Wi-Fi connection. Likewise, if you’ve used the smartphone, computer or tablet versions of the app to upload other web cutting, documents or notes, the PRS-T2 can access them over Wi-Fi too.

Battery life doubles from last year’s model to two months per charge (with Wi-Fi off), while the 6-inch touchscreen also works with pinch-to-zoom gestures, and taps for dictionary, Google or Wikipedia look-ups. You can also share what you’re currently reading with pals over Facebook.

Sweetening the deal is a voucher for a free digital copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, while those with a library card can also visit their local library to grab digital loans on the device too. Sony’s Reader Store for eBooks can also be used to grab books from as little as 20p, with the device housing 2GB of storage, expandable by up to 32GB with microSD cards.

Priced at £119, it’s not massively more expensive than the £109 Kindle Touch from Amazon. So long as its core reading experience is good, the PRS-T2’s Evernote functionality could make it the eReader of choice for academics and students.

Available in red, white or black and up for pre-order from today, you can grab one here.

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