Sony revamps Reader, now with touchscreen and integrated LED



Sony has joined the “gadgets with touchscreens” fraternity for the third incarnation of its Reader, allowing users to flip between virtual pages by simply sliding their finger across the screen.

The unit also comes with a stylus which can be used for highlighting, searching, and creating notes on the virtual keyboard.

Now, for times when there’s not enough ambient light in the room, the PRS-700 offers an inbuilt LED to illuminate the page.

Additionally, Sony has upped the internal memory so it can now handle around 350 average-sized digital books, and allowed both Memory Stick Duo and SD memory cards to be used. A single battery charge offers up to 7,500 pages of reading, though using the LED will reduce that.

Available in the US next month for around $400, but no word on when it will arrive in the UK.

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Andy Merrett
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