Fujitsu FLEPia: World's first colour eReader available in Japan


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The BeBook, the Sony Reader, the Foxit eSLick – yes they’re all for eBook readers but what else do they all have in common? Answer: they’re all in black and white. The Fujitsu FLEPia, however, lets you read in colour.

Now, on the one hand, it’s slightly pointless when most novels are in black and white – or near enough, anyway – especially as this device has been announced for its April launch in Japan at around £730. That’s a lot of money to spend on a feature you’re only going to really need for magazines and design docs. Still, perhaps the FLEPia represents the next step towards Star Trek style tablets that seem to do just about everything in their world.

It’s got an 8-inch XGA screen capable of displaying 260,000 colours, a 4GB SD card for storing the equivalent of 5,000 books, a USB port, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth too. Fujitsu says it’ll last 40 hours which is odd given that most other readers measure battery life in page turns but there you go.

If you’re interested in comparing it to the other, far less expensive, options then you’d probably like to know that it measures 158mm × 240mm × 12.5mm and weighs a fairly hefty 385g. Expect this one to come down in value very quickly, or for another manufacturer to do it for them, by the time it hits UK shores.

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