Google Chrome back to beta for the next generation


chrome-beta.jpgI’ll admit it right now. I’m a Google Chrome user. I downloaded it however many months ago it was now and it it’s still the default browser on my work PC.

I might try to convince myself that it’s still here through laziness or that I’ve just become accustomed to it but the fact remains that it just seems quicker and to crash less than Firefox does. (Sorry Leon, I’ve tried Opera but it’s just not my cup of tea.)

So, I’m quite pleased today to see that Google has launched a new beta channel for Chrome for us to try out. The new version is supposed to be 25-35% quicker and they’re also trying out a few catch-up features like form autofill, full page zoom and autoscroll. Best of all for me though is the split screen view, as pictured above, where you can drag tabs out to sit next to each other in full view. Very useful when read and writing at the same time.

You can get on the Google Chrome Beta over here and enjoy the kind of features already available on all other browsers only working faster and cleaner.

(via Chrome Blog)

Daniel Sung
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