Pantech kissing into the wind with its IM-S410 "wind recognition" mobile phone


Now, the idea of wind recognition isn’t anything new. Nintendo’s been making us look like IDIOTS on the tube for years now, with numerous DS games asking you to blow on its little microphone to, for example, blow out candles in some simple little mini game.

Clearly thinking Nintendo is ONTO SOMETHING WITH THAT, prolific Korean mobile manufacturer Sky has shoe-horned a wind-sensing microphone feature into its next range of handsets…

The Discriminating Metal Detector – for the discriminating metal detector


If you live in or near the odd fringe area of society where it’s acceptable behaviour to spend six hours pacing up and down a beach in the hope of finding a 5p coin someone dropped yesterday and couldn’t be bothered bending down to pick up – THIS IS FOR YOU.

Only joking – metal detectors are awesome. The idea of spending a whole day methodically covering a surface area the size of three football pitches in the hope of finding some old Roman coins, a bit of a crashed Spitfire or just a rusted piece…

Hasselblad reveals its H3DII-50 DSLR – with staggering 50megapixel sensor

OK, technology. Listen up. You’ve gone too far. There’s no need to keep evolving. You can stop getting better each year. There’s no way anyone needs a 50megapixel camera. Anything above 10 is already frankly rather unnecessary.

But a 50megapixel sensor is what supreme specialist maker Hasselblad has indeed stuffed, somehow, into the body of its new H3DII-50. The resulting image files are a Photoshop-breaking 300MB each in size, although the camera does at least have a 3″ LCD so you don’t have to spend a weekend copying all the rubbish ones over to your PC.


It shoots at a mighty 1fps, which is fair enough given the amount of data the poor thing has to stuff…

Kodak announces KAC-05020 Image Sensor technology that could revolutionise mobile handsets

KodakLogo1%282%29.jpgAny company that promises convergence is bound to get column inches, particularly if it’s regarding 5-megapixel cameras within mobile phones.

Kodak is the manufacturer to give us that – hopefully – with its KAC-05020 Image Sensor reported to be the world’s first 1.4 micron and 5-megapixel sensor. Not only is this good for consumers, downsizing on the number of gadgets we carry day to day, but manufacturers are rejoicing, as the sensors…

CES 2008: Oregon Scientific Weather Center and InstaForecast, for when looking out the window and guessing won't do.

weather.jpgOregon Scientific – the people responsible for making me look like a geographical moron – are at CES to launch a clutch of new products, including some weather monitors that are perfect for weather-obsessed Brits (go on, you know you love talking about the rain). Right now we only have US prices, but we’ll keep you updated on UK releases…