Pantech kissing into the wind with its IM-S410 "wind recognition" mobile phone

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pantech-ims410-wind-recognition-mic-sensor.jpgNow, the idea of wind recognition isn’t anything new. Nintendo’s been making us look like IDIOTS on the tube for years now, with numerous DS games asking you to blow on its little microphone to, for example, blow out candles in some simple little mini game.

Clearly thinking Nintendo is ONTO SOMETHING WITH THAT, prolific Korean mobile manufacturer Pantech has shoe-horned a wind-sensing microphone feature into its next generic-looking mobile handset – the IM-S410.

Apparently, Pantech proudly showed off a game demo where a woman blew some petals off a flower and another demo where a user blew on the phone to blow a kiss to the person they were talking to. That’s it. Those are the killer features.

We wonder if the microphone can be reverse-engineered to accurately gauge how much this idea sucks?

(Via Akihabara)

Gary Cutlack
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