Ultrasone offers up precision German-engineered HFI headphone range

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Ultrasone HFI headphones

German company Ultrasone has announced its new six-strong range of HFI headphones. Not only do they look pretty luxurious but they incorporate S-Logic which pushes sound around the ear by positioning the drivers off-centre. This gives the impression that you’re listening to speakers several metres away.

The headphones produce around a quarter of the low-frequency magnetic field compared to some traditional ones, as well as MU Metal that shields and reduces magnetic radiation by up to 98%.

COO of Ultrasone, Michael Zirkel, said, “Ultrasone is launching its premium range of scientifically designed headphones with no compromise on quality. As well as being designed using MU metal shielding and Ultra-Low-Emissions, the S-Logic design projects quality sound at reduced levels which can help reduce hearing damage. The sound projected through these headphones takes the pleasure of listening to a whole new dimension. A definite must have.”

Given all the technology that’s gone into these headphones, it’s good to know that the entry-level HFI-15G comes in at £79.99 – still an investment but not necessarily bank-breaking. Climbing the scale with increased features, the HFI-450 comes in at £99.99, the HFI-580 at £144.99, the HFI-680 at £184.99, the HFI-780 at £194.99, and finally the top-of-the-range HFI-2200 at £229.99.

Available at Amazon now.

Andy Merrett
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