eBay Nutcase of the Week: The alleged last bag of Woolworths Pic 'N' Mix can be yours

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last-bag-woolworths-pic-and-mix.JPGIf you missed out on the thrilling, frenzied, staff-assaulting, dignity-sapping, blatant and aggressive looting of the once-proud Woolworths brand over Christmas and the New Year, there’s still time to get yourself a bit of Woolies history.

Enterprising store manager Ed Adams, of the Petts Wood branch in Orpington, London, decided to nick/liberate the last remaining scraps from his branch’s Pic ‘N’ Mix display counter – an 800g selection of “delicious nostalgia” he’s now put up for sale on eBay.

The auction has a charitable edge to it, so we can’t accuse people of polishing up the truth or glamourising the sequence of events to make money – proceeds from the auction go to the Retail Trust, a group which helps out-of-work Woolies staff, among other people.

The bidding is currently at £28 and your bag of carefully refined sugar will come with a certificate of authenticity from Woolworths administrator Deloitte. If you feel guilty about all the stuff you shoplifted from your local Woolies as a child therefore slightly hastening the retail giant’s demise, this is your chance to make amends.

(Via TP&J)

Gary Cutlack
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