The Discriminating Metal Detector – for the discriminating metal detector

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discriminating-metal_detector.jpgIf you live in or near the odd fringe area of society where it’s acceptable behaviour to spend six hours pacing up and down a beach in the hope of finding a 5p coin someone dropped yesterday and couldn’t be bothered bending down to pick up – THIS IS FOR YOU.

Only joking – metal detectors are awesome. The idea of spending a whole day methodically covering a surface area the size of three football pitches in the hope of finding some old Roman coins, a bit of a crashed Spitfire or just a rusted piece of old farm machinery is extremely attractive. You get to be alone, outside, with the promise of making an exciting discovery. That’s a win, win, win scenario.

Plus the Discriminating Metal Detector promises to, as you may have just guessed, tell the difference between nine different types of metal, so you won’t waste as much time digging up Coke cans and nails and can concentrate fully on bagging the £75k-worth of gold coins that have lain undiscovered for 2000 years.

Yours for $200 from here when they get more stock – it’ll pay for itself in a weekend.

(Via OhGizmo)

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