New mobile system for seniors uses sensors and GPS to detect and respond to falls

Mobile phones

The Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute has designed a mobile phone system for the elderly which can detect if the user has fallen, and take emergency action.

The phone needs to be carried on a belt worn by the user. A motion sensor can then detect a sudden movement that could signal a trip or fall. This in turn sends a message to a hospital computer, which then calls the phone to see if assistance is required.

Also fitted with GPS, it’s possible to accurately pinpoint where an accident took place.

Eventually, the size of the sensor could be reduced and worn on a belt buckle or as a brooch. It could also be modified to work in an environment with wireless Internet connectivity.

The technology has been licensed to mobile phone manufacturers and could appear in production as soon as next year.

Of course, the system could be used for any number of purposes. I’m sure with the right software, the iPhone (I had to mention it) could order a replacement device direct from Apple if it’s dropped and smashes.

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