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Beck.jpgLove or loathe Formula One, there’s no doubt Lewis Hamilton is the best thing to happen to British sport since Wayne Rooney became the Premiership’s youngest scorer at the age of 16 and 360 days.

And with the British Grand Prix at Silverstone this weekend, Lewis should be looking to spend his hard-earned prize money on some great gadgets and top technology. So just in case he’s stuck for what to buy, here’s our Top 5 guide to some cool kit Lewis might want to take for a ride.

Becker Ferrari sat-nav (above)

Annoyingly for Lewis, he doesn’t get to drive a Ferrari for a living – just a McLaren Mercedes. What a hard life. But he could always shell out for one of these Becker satellite-navigation systems branded up by the famous Italian firm.

But it’s well worth lapping up. It comes in Ferrari Corsa red or Daytona black and has a 4inch touchscreen and navigation for 37 European countries. That could well come in handy for Lewis to explore the sights when he finishes zooming around the local circuits.

Although he doesn’t really need it during a race does he, it’s not like he can take a wrong turn. Using an SD card, it also works as a picture viewer or music player. Out now, it costs around £300.

Wheel.jpgXbox 360 wireless racing wheel

If there’s one thing our British sportsmen love, it’s gaming. Footballers throughout the Premiership are obsessed with Pro Evo and FIFA so it makes sense Lewis should be getting in some training laps at home on the Microsoft console.

And this wireless wheel is perfect for gliding round corners from the comfort of his own armchair on the likes of Forza 2 or Project Gotham Racing 3. It’s a snip at £89.99 and has force feedback to make your drive as realistic as possible.

Mario.jpgNintendo Mario Kart DS Track Race Set

OK, so this is not going to reach the kind of speeds Lewis manages week in week out but he might enjoy the leisurely ride. Besides, this wicked Nintendo-themed racetrack is far cooler than Scalextric.

It comes with two Mario Kart vehicles – Mario and Yoshi – two controllers and 18 track pieces to make your own route. Best of all, it’s like half price down from $70 to $34.99.

If only those karts shot red shells and threw oil out the back of them, it would really be the best toy ever!

Vert.jpgVertu’s Racetracks Legends phones

They make the blingest phones on the market so what better handset for a famous racing driver to have than a whole set themed around motor racing.

This limited-edition range covers six of the world’s most famous racetracks, starting with Monza (red) and Silverstone (green), followed by Le Mans (blue) and Indianapolis (black), with Monaco (yellow) and Nuerburgring (titanium grey) coming through in fifth and sixth place.

Every one features racing tread rubber detailing and a laser etched map of the race track. And if you can afford it, then why not shell out for the whole set – especially as Lewis has been on the podium at some of those circuits. What great memories they’d make!

Each handset costs at least £3,000 and there’s a special case to store them all in, made of carbon fibre. The only difficulty will be deciding which one to use each day.

BMW.jpgHP BMW Williams F1 Camera

I’d love to see Hamilton carry one of these around the pits but somehow I doubt you’d see it around his neck. Although, what better way to whip up a bit of press speculation if he did.

With some many Ferrari gadgets out there, it’s no wonder a rival team decided to get in on the act. This special edition of the Photosmart R607se is, unfortunately, very behind the times in camera terms with only 4.1 megapixels but that’s still enough to capture some decent memories of Lewis holding the champers as our national anthem reverberates around Silverstone. Fingers crossed!

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