HP BMW Williams F1 Camera


The BMW Williams Formula One team has obviously had enough of Ferrari stealing all the special edition gadget limelight, hence the appearance of this customised Photosmart R607se with attractive blue trim. The camera’s pretty standard specswise – 4.1 megapixels, 3X optical zoom lens courtesy of Pentax – but it’s got a couple of nice features including HP’s Adaptive Lighting technology that reveals details in shadowed faces or in the background of of high contrast photos. At £249, it’s a whole £20 more expensive than the standard model (which includes a dock, unlike the jazzed up version), but if you’re happy to pay for the colour and branding then be our guest.

HP Photosmart R607se BMW Williams F1…

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  • what is the main material used to make the engine block of the bmw 84/5

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