Hasselblad reveals its H3DII-50 DSLR – with staggering 50megapixel sensor


OK, technology. Listen up. You’ve gone too far. There’s no need to keep evolving. You can stop getting better each year. There’s no way anyone needs a 50megapixel camera. Anything above 10 is already frankly rather unnecessary.

But a 50megapixel sensor is what supreme specialist maker Hasselblad has indeed stuffed, somehow, into the body of its new H3DII-50. The resulting image files are a Photoshop/internet/computer-breaking 300MB each in size, although the camera does at least have a 3″ LCD so you don’t have to spend a weekend copying all the rubbish ones over to your PC.


It shoots at a mighty 1fps, which is fair enough given the amount of data the poor thing has to stuff onto the fake memory card you got off eBay. That photo of it there’s about 215,400 pixels. It’s the best we need. Pay attention, Hasselblad. Aim lower.

(Via Akihabara News)

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Gary Cutlack
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  • I know, I know. Within seconds of posting that I realised the pro photographers would soon be out in force to defend quality sensors.

  • Actually not true,
    As a pro photographer, 10Mp is really not QUITE enough for large prints… An ideal for me would be 20Mp but I get by fine with my EOS5D. But will no doubt upgrade to the 5Dii when it comes out, assuming it is 15Mp+

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