Hasselblad reveals its H3DII-50 DSLR – with staggering 50megapixel sensor

OK, technology. Listen up. You’ve gone too far. There’s no need to keep evolving. You can stop getting better each year. There’s no way anyone needs a 50megapixel camera. Anything above 10 is already frankly rather unnecessary.

But a 50megapixel sensor is what supreme specialist maker Hasselblad has indeed stuffed, somehow, into the body of its new H3DII-50. The resulting image files are a Photoshop-breaking 300MB each in size, although the camera does at least have a 3″ LCD so you don’t have to spend a weekend copying all the rubbish ones over to your PC.


It shoots at a mighty 1fps, which is fair enough given the amount of data the poor thing has to stuff…