Manfrotto intros professional grade tripods and remote control units for serious videographers


Here’s some gear that’s definitely targeted at serious videographers and photographers, given the price tag and niche status of the products.

First up at £19.95 (not too bad, you might think) is the Manfrotto 585 LNC Modosteady remote control. Thing is, it’s designed to be mounted on top of a Manfrotto Modosteady, a beast of a contraption that’s designed to steady attached video cameras the “hardware way” (forget those namby-pamby internal image stabilisers).

Should you be itching to get hold of such a device for your Sony or Canon camcorder, you’ll be pleased to know it’ll be available next month…

Scientists working on 1.5-metre long climbing robotic snake


Forget snakes on a plane, for soon there could be snakes in your drains – robotic snakes, that is, which can climb vertical pipes, cleaning them or looking for leaks.

Norwegian scientists are working on a one-and-a-half metre long aluminium-clad robot is constructed with multiple joints, plastic wheels, and a camera, and is programmed with algorithms that tell it how to navigate pipework, and what tasks to carry out while in there…

Channel Changer Ray Gun – how can you resist?


Yes, yes, and yes again. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love the idea of shooting Big Brother off the screen with the Channel Changer Ray Gun? Anyone? No, just looking towards the back? No? Didn’t think so.

Not only do you get to feel properly lazy and blissfully childish with this awesome toy but it also happens to be the ultimate in Barbarella style space kit…

Win a One For All Zapper remote control from Universal Electronics

It’s competition day here at Tech Digest, with this week’s give-away being the One For All Zapper remote control.

They’re little remote controls for your TV which let you do your usual thang when watching telly – switching channels, turning on and off, muting and adjusting the volume. As the name suggests, they’re compatible with most TVs.

We have three to give away, so look under the jump for more details….

CES 2008: Da Vinci inspired remote control miniatures

Airborne Remote Controlled toys are great fun, right up until you take someone’s eye out with your aerial acrobatics. But as technology gets smaller and smaller, so does the size of remote control gizmos and Interactive Toy Concepts has two diminutive offerings that will be great for annoying friends, relatives and pets alike without risking permanent injury. Although that might take the fun out of it I suppose.

The first is the Micro Aerial Vehicle (MAV) Ornithopter based on Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous designs. It has a wingspan of less than 5” and has an on-board rechargeable lithium polymer battery, which allows for 7 miuntes of flying time from a 5 minute charge.