Vision tracking remote control goggles


vtsrccarcomp.jpgHarbour secret dreams of being a racing car driver? If that dream isn’t coming true soon enough, get as close to the experience as you can with this VTS (vision tracking system) enabled remote control car.

Don the goggles, and view the world from the point of view of your RC racing car. The camera even responds to your head movements. You may feel like Thumbelina as you zip around at ground level, but you’ll be a Thumbelina who’s burning rubber.

Video goodness after the jump!

Now, this dream RC car retails at a whopping £600. But that doesn’t seem to deter wannabe racers as the car has already sold out and is currently only available for pre-order. Don’t worry though, they restock in July.

Product link (via 7Gadgets)

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