Freescale Semiconductor planning 1GHz, low-power netbook chip


At CES this week, chip makers Freescale Semiconductor will be launching a ARM chip architecture-based i.MX51 processor, that Freescale reckon could bring about $199 (£140ish) 1GHz netbooks. It’ll be a competitor to Intel’s Atom chip, which powers many of the netbooks in the market today.

However, Freescale don’t see themselves as competing with Intel, because their product is targeted at the lower end of the market, with machines running Linux rather than Windows XP. You’ll start to see machines with these chips in entering production towards the middle of the year, and showing up to buy in time for Christmas 2009.

Freescale Semiconductor (via Cnet)

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International Space Station astronauts indulging in urine-drinking party tonight


You wouldn’t think people would ever be pleased to hear they can start drinking their own urine – but the astronauts on the International Space Station are currently over the moon about it.

“There will be dancing later,” Mission Control said, after ISS commander Mike Fincke told Earth that the the orbiting station’s faulty urine processor – which filter space wee, condensation and SWEAT and turns it into lovely drinking water – was finally fixed.

This raises two important questions – how do you dance in zero gravity? And before…

More netbook competition on its way as Ubuntu embraces ARM processors


A version of Ubuntu, the popular Linux distribution, will be developed for the ARMv7 processor, Canonical announced last week.

This could bring to market netbooks and other portable devices based on the more energy-efficient ARM processors, and challenge both Intel and AMD.

The Ubuntu Linux netbook version will be officially available from April next year. ARM processors are already used in mobile phones such as the iPhone and G1…

Asus develops 'world's fastest smartphone' – the P565


Smartphones aren’t usually rated by their speed – they usually get reviewed on how bloated their set of features is. Unfortunately, that bloat can really slow phones down – I know that when I tested out the N96 it crawled compared to my zippier N95. Asus, however, has just launched what it claims is the world’s fastest smartphone – with an 800MHz processor.

I remember back in the day (though surprisingly not that long ago) when that was a chip in a zippy PC, perfectly capable of playing Quake III, when paired with a decent graphics card. That said, it’s probably not going to be as zippy as an old Pentium III, due to its much smaller form factor.

New atom processor on the way


Intel has unveiled a new version of the Atom processor – which can currently be found in a whole host of netbooks, including the vast majority of the Asus Eee PC range.

Now in it’s second generation, the new Atom – codename “Moorestown” has been shown at the Intel Developer Forum in Taipei.

AMD to launch "Business Class" PC range, as it attempts to stop Intel taking over the world


AMD’s going down the whole making-a-PC road, it appears, announcing that it’s launching a complete “solution” aimed at business users.

The AMD “Business Class” PC will be licensed out and sold by partners like Dell, Acer, Fujitsu-Siemens and HP, and will come in a variety of Phenom and Athlon processor specs – plus it’ll support AMD-owned ATi graphics cards and also those of its DEADLY RIVAL Nvidia…

AMD gets in on the 45nm scene – announces "Shanghai" and "Deneb" Quad-Cores for 2008


In an incredibly unsurprising development at CeBIT 2008, a computer company has announced it’s making something smaller yet also simultaneously more powerful.

It’s AMD’s turn to rewrite the laws of physics, thanks to its two new 45nm Quad-Core processors which the company has given the rather mystical and alluring codenames of “Shanghai” and “Deneb.”

Both are quad-core for ultimate power, both 45nm for extra smallness

New (rumoured) Intel processor for MacBook Pro and Dell notebooks promises more rivalry between the formats!

MacBook_Pro-dell%282%29.jpgProcessor nutters, rear your pasty white little faces and check out this nugget of truth rumour. Apple and Dell (who Microsoft smooches with most of all), are apparently releasing laptops containing Intel’s glorious new 45-nanonmetre Penryn processor – at the same time!

Someone needs to synch up their Google Calenders, tsk.

This isn’t rumoured to be in the ‘foreseeable future’ either, as according to reports, it could be as early as next week. Apple’s MacBook Pro range has been tipped as the possible product upgrade, with improved…