Asus develops 'world's fastest smartphone' – the P565

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Asus-P565.jpgSmartphones aren’t usually rated by their speed – they usually get reviewed on how bloated their set of features is. Unfortunately, that bloat can really slow phones down – I know that when I tested out the N96 it crawled compared to my zippier N95. Asus, however, has just launched what it claims is the world’s fastest smartphone – with an 800MHz processor.

I remember back in the day (though surprisingly not that long ago) when that was a chip in a zippy PC, perfectly capable of playing Quake III, when paired with a decent graphics card. That said, it’s probably not going to be as zippy as an old Pentium III, due to its much smaller form factor.

What else is in the device? Well, it’s got a 2.8″ VGA touchscreen LCD, 128MB of RAM, speedy-fast HSDPA, 256MB of flash memory, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a three megapixel camera, GPS, and a microSD slot with SDHC capacity. Not bad at all.

It looks the part, too, but unfortunately it’s running Windows Mobile. If this thing was packing Android, then I’d be seriously interested. Good work Asus, but the software is crucial. Make sure you get it right. Full specs below.

Asus (via Akihabara News)

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