Sound archive of broken HDDs – DJ Tech Geek, spin those wheels

Hard Drives, Weirdness

Sound archives are wonderfully geeky things and none come geekier than that belonging to Canadian data recovery company Date Cent. So much time have they spent with broken HDDs, so many hours scouring those spinning discs that they’ve actually compiled an encyclopedia of what each and every model sounds like when bust.

The only man I know of that can compete with that level of audio ones 1s and 0s is our Andy Merrett of Tech Trumpet fame and I wouldn’t be surprised if this treasure trove has got his ears a-twitching. But until we’re regaled with a full symphony, go to the Data Cent site and see if you can recognise the sound your machine makes when it’s having a bit of a wheeze and a splutter.

Data Cent (via Hack a Day)

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