International Space Station astronauts indulging in urine-drinking party tonight

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iss-toilet-urine-recycler.jpgYou wouldn’t think people would ever be pleased to hear they can start drinking their own urine – but the astronauts on the International Space Station are currently over the moon about it.

“There will be dancing later,” Mission Control said, after ISS commander Mike Fincke told Earth the orbiting station’s faulty water processor – which turns space wee, condensation and SWEAT into lovely drinking water – was fixed.

This raises two important questions – how do you dance in zero gravity? And before the urine-processor was fixed, were the poor astronauts forced to drink raw, unprocessed urine? Our boyhood dreams of going into space have been RUINED, regardless.

Hopefully the machine that turns poo into Mars bars won’t break.

(Via USA Today)

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