AMD to launch "Business Class" PC range, as it attempts to stop Intel taking over the world

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amd-business-class-pc-range.jpgAMD’s going down the whole making-a-PC road, it appears, announcing that it’s launching a complete “solution” aimed at business users.

The AMD “Business Class” PC will be licensed out and sold by partners like Dell, Acer, Fujitsu-Siemens and HP, and will come in a variety of Phenom and Athlon processor specs – plus it’ll support AMD-owned ATi graphics cards and also those of its DEADLY RIVAL Nvidia.

A laptop for businessmen to watch porn on in train toilets will follow later in the year, with the Business Class desktops due to hit warehouses and workplaces before the summer. Currently getting utterly hammered into a fine paste by the dominant Intel, the move is a clear indication that AMD isn’t ready to surrender just yet. Give it another 18 months or so.

(Via Reuters)

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