World's largest Colossal squid to be dissected live on webcam – calamari anyone?


Colossal-Squid.JPGIf you’re looking to while away the time at work tomorrow, then allow me to point you in the direction of some entertainment that’ll last you over 36 hours of horrified gawping.

Navigate yourself to the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa website and watch the dissection of a 33-foot long Colossal Squid – and yes that is its scientific name – the largest of its kind ever landed.

Enjoy views from the thawing bath as the beast is defrosted after capture over a year ago. Watch a close-up of the chopping at the slab itself, or simply enjoy the whole spectacle from the comfort of the wide-angle all the way through until they stitch the half-tonne whopper back together again and embalmed it for display. I love the internet.

(via Telegraph)

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  • Actually, I prefer to eat that delicious fried calamari rather than watching the bloody process. But, anyway.. It shows us how little still we know about the deep sea. I am sure we will meet new giant creatures in a couple of years.

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