PowerSquid Surge3000 Calamari Edition: more cable but more able


I (like you) hate cables.  So, a gadget with more cables in it should not be provoking this kind of enthusiasm – but really, the thing I hate more than cables is having nowhere to plug the dratted things in.  Enter (so to speak) the PowerSquid Surge3000 Calamari Edition, the most elaborate power bar I’ve ever seen.  Instead of being the usual long brick of outlets (with perhaps one modestly set aside to hold all your adapters) it has six grounded plugs on little cables so that you can attach as many blasted adapters as you need to without canceling out half the strip.  Brilliant!  The full-bore surge protector model is the priciest at $70 USD in black, or $80 USD for the ‘Calamari’ edition, but the entry level black model comes in at $13 USD (and would be a bargain at twice the price if it delivers).    [GT]

PowerSquid Surge3000 Calamari Edition

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Camille Dumas
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