AMD gets in on the 45nm scene – announces "Shanghai" and "Deneb" Quad-Cores for 2008

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amd-45nm-shanghai-deneb-processors.jpgIn an incredibly unsurprising development at CeBIT 2008, a computer company has announced it’s making something smaller yet also simultaneously more powerful.

It’s AMD’s turn to rewrite the laws of physics, thanks to its two new 45nm Quad-Core processors which the company has given the rather mystical and alluring codenames of “Shanghai” and “Deneb.”

“Deneb” is the desktop one, with “Shanghai” designated “server grade” for… servers. That picture up there is of one of them. Not sure which.

Both are quad-core for ultimate power, both 45nm for extra smallness, coolness and energy efficiency – but both are also likely to get steamrollered by the vast range of 45nm chips Intel makes and will have on the shelves way before poor AMD gets these two out by its unspecific launch date of “later this year.”

AMD also revealed it’s working on “Puma” – a mobile platform, no doubt also soon to be steamrollered by Intel’s Atom and it’s vast Celeron range. Poor AMD. It’s good that it’s still trying, though. Most companies would’ve given up by now.

(Via AMD)

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