Intel's concept "iPhone clone", and the future of super-powerful mobile devices

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Intel has shown off a concept mobile device based on a new processor called Moorestown which is due to go into production in around 2009.

From the picture, it looks very much like a narrow iPhone, and in reality could be rather impractical (think of the possibility of breaking the screen or it getting snapped). However, it’s just a concept, with the real star being the processor that drives it.

AnandTech reckons that Apple would love to get their hands on the 45nm processor which integrates a memory controller, video encode/decode engine and graphics onto a single chip.

Apple might also want to use Intel chips so that it has a unified family of processors across its entire range of computers and gadgets. Just don’t expect to see it this decade (it’ll probably still be on O2 though…)

Of course, it also paves the way for many other more powerful devices to be developed.

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  • Yes, of course: everything with a touchscreen is now an iPhone clone/copy/rip-off.

    This is why 99% of the population can’t stand Apple or their iFans.


    PS The iPhone is a near direct design rip-off from the old Dell handheld. Not that any tech blog can be bothered to report it.

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