New atom processor on the way


intel-atom.jpgIntel has unveiled a new version of the Atom processor – which can currently be found in a whole host of netbooks, including the vast majority of the Asus Eee PC range.

Now in its second generation, the new Atom – codename “Moorestown” has been shown at the Intel Developer Forum in Taipei.

The Atom is known for its low power consumption – rather than go mad and high-powered as soon as you switch your computer on, it will scale the speed of the processor based on how much work your computer actually has to do, which really helps with power consumption. With the new version, Intel is hoping to reduce the power consumption by up to 10 times – which means as soon as this technology is ready to roll, we can expect Asus to announce another fifty billion new Eees with the new atoms inside.

The new chip is apparently like the original a “system on a chip”, which has the processor, graphics, memory controller, and video encoding and decoding all built in – which is presumably more efficient than having them all separate.

The new chips will apparently be appearing on shelves (inside other, actually useful things) some time in late 2009 or 2010.

(via IT Pro)

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