Intel's Xeons: faster, more eco-friendly quad core chips on the loose


intel_logo.jpgIntel has announced that its Xeon 5400 processors are now ready to roll, offering up to 3.5GHz speed with reduced power consumption and temperature.

Plus, in a possible bid to keep Greenpeace a little happier, Intel no longer uses halogen as a fire retardant, but instead uses transistors made from Hafnium.

For those needing the deets, there’s the X5492 running on 150W at 3.4GHz, the 120W X5470 at 3.5GHz; and the 50W X5430 running at 2.66GHz.

They’re not cheap, though, and are aimed primarily at servers and workstations, so don’t expect them to appear in your desktop PC.

(Via The Register)

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Andy Merrett
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