Vodafone launches Connect to Friends Facebook application

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Vodafone is on the jazz and it’s them who’ve had the foresight to team up with Facebook and supply a lot of text for not very much with their Facebook application Vodafone Connect to Friends.

What we’re looking at here is a service much like what talk21 and others did back in the day where you can type SMS messages into your PC and send them out to your mates’ phones for absolutely nothing. You can even add pictures too.


The catch is that you can only do it 25 times before that absolutely nothing becomes completley something – 10p per text to be precise and an extra credit per picture as well, but that still seems to be a good deal rather than the hideously expensive network rates for MMS.

The service is available to all across our good land whether you’re a Vodafone customer or not and all you have to do is top up your credits through the Facebook app via the online payment system Pay4it.

If, however, you are with Vodafone then you can add credits from your accounts with them. If top-up, they’ll take you additions directly from what you have left on your phone and, if you’ve got a contract with them, then you’ll see it appear on your monthly bill. No mention of whether or not that will be included in any text allowance you may have.

Ten pence per text isn’t exaclty a gift but the service does work out very nicely if you happen to be overseas. So long as you’re sending to a UK number, Connect to Friends will work wherever you are and the expense will not change. Try to bear that in mind next time you’re on holiday, although it’s not exactly worth searching out an internet cafe just to send a text.

Quite an intersting offer, all in all, from Vodafone. Unclear how long it’ll run for and I do feel slightly gyped that it’s not free when this kind of thing has been before, but now that Twitter is sadly devoid of SMS, I’ll take all I can get.

Update: Sadly, it’s not as good as it looked. Pictures will cost 30p each and presumably will take off three of your credits each time. Still not as bad as MMS charges but not wonderfully cheap either. Perhaps I expect too much.

Connect to Friends

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