Soviet K-7 bomber blots out the sun


Second and final in our series of posts today about very big things is this Soviet K-7 bomber, which dates from 1930s, before jet propulsion. As you can see by the tiny little people in the bottom right, this thing is vast – 28 metres long and 53m wing-to-wing. It weighed 38 tonnes when loaded.

It carried 120 passengers within wings which were 2.3m thick. Melded from chrome-molybdenum steel, the design originally called for six engines, but when built, a seventh had to be added. It first flew in August 1933, but crashed that November, killing 15 people. Two more were ordered, but the project was cancelled before they could be delivered.

(via Gizmowatch)

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GIANT GADGETS: Remote Control


If I’m honest there’s very little to say about this. It’s a massive remote control. It looks funny. That’s about it. Oh, how massive? 8.26″ wide x 11.69″ tall x 1.35″ thick. Each button is over an inch wide. For comparison, it’s about the same size as a stack of A4 office paper.

Want it to go with your massive telly, massive sofa and massive can of beer? It’ll cost you $28.90 (£20 or so).

Dealextreme (via Technabob)

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Facebook hits another milestone – 150 million users


This afternoon, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted on the site’s blog that the social networking behemoth has passed 150 million users, and half of those check the site every single day. That’s crazy, and made even more crazy by Zuckerberg pointing that if Facebook were a country, it would be the eighth most populated in the world, just ahead of Japan, Russia and Nigeria.

Other than that announcement, there might be a clue in Zuckerberg’s closing paragraph, where he says: “we look forward to offering even more ways for you to connect with the people who matter most”. Facebook Connect hasn’t been explosive in its popularity, so perhaps the company has something different in the works…

Facebook Blog

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Lenovo announces Thinkpad with built in Wacom tablet. It's huge.


Laptops are generally known for portability – the idea being that you can sling it in your bag and carry it with you wherever you go. I wouldn’t try lugging about the Lenovo ThinkPad W700 too much though, as you might risk back problems. It’s massive.

Perhaps the main reason it is so gigantic is the built in Wacom tablet – which in the photo looks like a massive touchpad…

The Canon ImagePRESS C7000VP!

Check this out. It’s a printer. Only you’re very unlikely to be able to pick it up from PC World this weekend, primarily because you can’t pick it up and even if you could it wouldn’t fit in your car. It wouldn’t even fit in your dad’s mate’s van. Not even a long wheelbase.

The ImagePRESS C7000 is 33 feet long, but can do 70 pages a minute at 1200 dpi. It’s quite impractical, thinking about it, but there’s something strangely fascinating about printers this big. Look. It’s fantastic. It’s like a mini factory.